Aegis InterWorld Inc. announces the release of is/Modeler Version 6.00 with over 80 new and improved features, added at the request of our customers, all aimed at making the task of capturing professional process models easier than ever before.

If you need to document your process, understand your process, improve your process,
or create new processes, is/Modeler is the right tool for the job.

is/Modeler is a flow-charting program with built-in cost, resource, and cycle-time analysis functionality. Unlike some other tools that have evolved to include minimal cost tracking capabilities, is/Modeler was built from the beginning -- over 15 years ago -- to be the only tool necessary to completely understand your processes.

Download your FREE evaluation copy of is/Modeler today and see
for yourself how you can accomplish more with less effort.

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Core Processes Example

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Cost of Quality Example

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Swim Lanes Example


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Feature Comparison

Important Features is/Modeler is/Modeler LITE The Competition
Create linked, multi level flow-charts in a single data file YES YES NO
Allows user to create data fields to capture user defined data YES NO NO
Standard / Custom Reporting Standard and Custom Standard NO
Import / Export YES YES NO
Split / Merge (multiple user management) YES YES NO
Dynamic cost calculations YES NO NO
Cycle time analysis YES NO NO
Cost reduction analysis YES NO NO
Display automatically-updated cost, volume, time values on the flow-chart YES NO NO
Process improvement Identify cost, time, complexity improvements Identify redundancy and complexity issues ??????


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